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In other surfing news, we are proud to share the story of one of our Sponsored Surfers: Surfer Saves Two Drowning Swimmers In Playa Samara, Costa Rica

Official information on the ISA World Surfing Games can be found here.

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Barrett Griffith of Playa Samara saves two drowning swimmers on Saturday July 11th, 2009

Barrett Griffith of Playa Samara saves two drowning swimmers on Saturday July 11th, 2009

On Saturday July 11th, 2009 at 4:30 in the afternoon, Barrett Griffith (27), a local resident and surfer saw his afternoon session turn into a test of his life saving skills.

“As I was walking down the beach, towards the estuary from Cangrejal I noticed a startled women ahead of me,” says Griffith.

“I asked her what she was concerned about and she told me some swimmers were getting pulled out to the ocean by a current. I looked out at sea and saw a number of swimmers getting pounded by s set of waves about 100m from the shore.”

“As I paddled out I encountered 4 fatigued swimmers. Each of them indicated that there were more swimmers out past them. I made sure each swimmer I encountered was calm enough to swim back to shore. Luckily, all of them were. What concerned me was there were two more swimmers together about 70 meters away from me. I made my way out to them let them know they were safe, and offered them my surf board to float on while I calmed them down. One was a Costa Rican boy about 15, and the other a Japanese girl about the same age.”

“The current by the river had pulled us out pretty far, I assured the two they were safe and that we were going back to shore. Remaining calm on the water is essential to rescuing fatigued swimmers. About 5 minutes later we made our way around the estuary and hit sand safely.”

“The moment I saw the woman on the beach, I knew something was going on. I also looked around and realized I was the one with the best attempt at rescuing the swimmers.”

“Everything happens for a reason,” Barrett adds.

Having grown up in the water in Jupiter, Fl Griffith goes on to tell us that he had training as a beach lifeguard and was a competitive swimmer for 6 years. The last two years Griffith has been living in Playa Samara, surfing for is the hub for finding deals around Costa Rica and has been compared to craigslist and ebay. is proud to have a Lifesaver as one of our sponsored surfers.

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Free Croc Tour With Surf Lessons

Free Croc Tour With Surf Lessons

Ticos Suf and Tours in Playa Samara, one of Costa Rica’s safest beaches is offering a one of a kind deal. Take a surf lesson with them and get a free crocodile tour.

We came up with this deal to distinguish their surf lessons from the many other surf lesson options in Playa Samara.

See the deal here. is helping small and large tourism businesses around Costa Rica. It’s free and it’s targeted to travelers in Costa Rica who are deciding where they want to spend their vacation dollars.

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